3 steps to better nutrition

If you were to wake up tomorrow and decide to start eating better, here’s where I think you should start:

  1. Eat food, not products! I really mean it. As much as you possibly can, avoid fast food restaurants and foods that come pre-packaged with a long list of ingredients. 
  2. Eat more fruits and vegetables! These nutrient, fiber and water-packed powerhouses are, for the most part, low in calories. Go for variety—if you can eat all the colors of the rainbow, you’re a superstar! Please note that potatoes should not be considered a vegetable. They are nutritious, yes, but they are starchy, so they function more like rice, pasta or bread.
  3. Move more! At least five days a week! If you are pretty inactive right now, start slow and build up your activity level gradually. If you can only handle a five-minute daily walk for now, then do five minutes a day. This will still help you get in the habit of doing daily exercise. Often, the hardest part is just getting motivated to put on the sneakers and get out the door. Once you clear that hurdle, it is SO easy to say, “Well, heck, I’m in it for five minutes, I might as well add five more…or maybe 10 more.”

Why do I talk about fitness in a nutrition blog? Because nutrition and exercise go hand in hand. Good nutrition is great. Getting regular exercise is great. But put them together? Then you’ve really got it going on!