Do you want to be healthy and fit? Why?

Yesterday, I told you a little bit of my story and how I finally got motivated to lose 50 pounds and keep them off. If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you, too, have an interest in eating more nutritiously, maybe losing some weight, maybe exercising a little more. Or a lot more. Why?
You might simply say “because I want to be healthier.” While that is a great and noble reason to eat right and exercise regularly, odds are it’s not your only reason. Unless you are in the middle of a health crisis that can be largely solved by changing your nutrition and exercise habits, it’s also not the reason that will really motivate you to change.
The ONLY reasons that matter are the reasons that are important to you. It doesn’t matter what your spouse, partner, parents, doctor, pizza delivery guy, grocery store cashier or barista thinks you should do.
Take this beginning of a sentence: “I want to be healthy and fit so…”
Now complete it with reasons that are important and motivating to YOU. Only to YOU.
Here are some examples that may (or may not) make you say, “yes…that’s IT!”

I want to be healthy and fit so…
…I look great for my spouse/partner/random people on the street.
…I have a lot of energy.
…I can keep up with my kids (who behave more like Energizer bunnies).
…I can carry groceries in from the car/push the lawn mower/walk our large dog with ease.
…I can avoid medications for cholesterol or high blood pressure.
…I can comfortably wear those pants I haven’t been able to squeeze into for two years.
…I have the strength and stamina to enjoy active pursuits.
…I have tank top-worthy arms this summer.
…I have the best possible quality of life as I get older.

You may come up with several reasons, but they may not all be super motivating. Maybe none of them are. If that’s the case, dig deeper. The time you invest in tapping the well of pure, unadulterated motivation will make the road to better health, fitness and wellness so much easier. One last thought: There is no such thing as a “silly” or “superficial” reason. If wanting to look smoking hot motivates you to stick with changes that also happen to make you healthier, then go with it!