Healthy Reads

One important tool that helped me kick almost 50 pounds to the curb a few years ago (more on that tomorrow) was The Beck Diet Solution: Train Your Brain to Think Like a Thin Person. It’s not a diet; rather, it works with any eating plan you choose (healthy, please).

Some of the daily assignments made me think “duh, I already know this,” but let me tell you, there were many that made me open my eyes and see the light bulb going off over my head. Finally I got it: hunger is NOT an emergency and mindless eating is bad, bad, BAD!

Some things in the book were totally new and revolutionary to me. Others were nothing new, but something about the way they were explained finally broke through my mental barriers. I formed some great, healthy new habits and didn’t feel much pain doing it.

Occasionally, I notice that I’m slipping into a sense of complacency, something that can happen easily once you are not actively losing weight and getting the constant gratification of looser pants). It’s that dangerous feeling that maybe I don’t have to watch what I eat so carefully. It’s a feeling I know all too well…because it’s the feeling that started the slide that undid my past weight loss achievements. What is different, is I’ve got Dr. Beck’s book on my side. I whip it out for a little refresher, as needed. I don’t work through every daily exercise (six weeks worth), but I do review the ones that I know are sticking points.

This book is a very important tool in my “be healthy” toolbox. I highly recommend!