What’s in my cart…and what’s in your tank?

Time for veggiepalooza again. Here’s what followed me home from Costco this week:

  • Organic mixed greens (two tubs)
  • Peapods
  • Baby cucumbers
  • Baby portabella mushrooms
  • Peppers
  • Mini peppers
  • Pink Lady apples
  • Bananas (two bunches)
  • Pineapple (a huge one!)
  • Asparagus (local!)
  • Frozen blueberries
  • Frozen stirfry veggie mix
  • Halibut (a big piece)
  • Meatless sausage patties
  • Organic eggs
  • Organic natural peanut butter
  • Sprouted grain bread

On my lunch break, I went to one of the last remaining outposts for raw milk in Seattle, The Creamery down at Pike Place Market, to buy raw milk, cultured buttermilk (needed buttermilk, and this stuff looked interesting) and a big ol’ tub of Nancy’s plain whole milk honey yogurt. Was super thrilled when the owner mentioned that they gladly take the empty 64 ounce tubs back (they get restaurants asking for them), because we have about a four-foot (nested) stack in our basement. No, I’m not kidding.

Also picked up cilantro, a fat piece of fresh ginger and two garlic heads at PPM. The cilantro is for a slow-cooked pork extravaganza I have planned for Saturday. Chilies, salsa verde, a pot of beans, and maybe homemade tortillas. Can’t hardly wait. Delicious, nutritious, and high quality. Which brings me to the next item on today’s agenda: What’s in your tank?

Riddle me this: Do you believe that, when it comes down to it, a calorie is a calorie, regardless of where it comes from?

“Yes,” you say? Why, you silly, silly person, what are you doing on my website?

Just kidding. Stay. Sit down. Have a cup of green tea.

I could tell you that your body is a temple and you should honor it by giving it only high quality fuel, and you could be all like, “Oh no, she’s going all new-agey on us,” and you would have a point. But you know what, I’d still be right!

Yes, fast food, junk food and other processed food is fuel, technically. But it’s not the right fuel.

Would you put propane in your car’s fuel tank? How about a fill-up with some nice kerosene? It’s all fuel, right? They’re all the same, right?


Next week, I’ll begin exploring food quality, why it’s important, and the categories of food in which I feel it’s most important. But, in the meantime, remember this:

Eat food, not products!