I (heart) healthy convenience food!

It’s a magical feeling to open up the fridge and see neatly arranged (OK, fine…arranged like a game of Jenga) containers of sliced, diced, sauteed or otherwise prepared healthy foods, just ready for the plucking for a quick meal or snack.

In my ideal, perfect universe, I spend an hour or two every Sunday :

  • Sauteeing onions, peppers and mushrooms so I can make quick veggie scrambles for breakfast on busy weekday mornings (I sauteed one while chopping the next)
  • Chopping red, yellow and red bell peppers to add crunch, color and extra nutrition to salads
  • Wash and quarter fresh strawberries to toss in a bowl with yogurt for breakfast or dessert
  • Turn carrots and stalks of celery in to slender sticks ready to be dipped into hummus
  • Hardboil half-a-dozen eggs

Well, that’s what I did last Sunday, anyway, thanks to a bit of breathing room in my studies.

It’s not a new concept, doing advance food prep in one time block to save yourself from frittering away loads of time in small bits later. If you eat a lot of fruits and veggies–and I hope that you do–the odds that those lovelies actually get eaten in a timely fashion tends to increase when you don’t have to wash and slice every single time you want to eat them.

I don’t manage to channel my inner Martha Stewart in this way this every Sunday (although I almost always manage to prep a few things), but I have enjoyed how quickly my meals have come together so far this week because I did take the time.

I highly recommend trying to plan a little time on the weekend to prep fruits and veg, and maybe even cook a meal or two that provides some leftovers for the freezer or a mid-week meal. A second best alternative is to simply prepare more of what you already are preparing for a meal-of-the moment. For example, if you are sauteeing mushrooms for a scramble (or to top a steak or grilled burger), cook more than you need, and pop the rest in the fridge. Chopping veggies for a salad? Chop some extra. You already have the necessary equipment out, so why not?