Junk food on parade

I went to my first every pro soccer* game Wednesday night, which was fun and different, since I normally don’t go to sporting events. What really struck me (other than the awesome team colors, the fancy footwork and the fact that there are a LOT of soccer fans in Seattle), was the sheer amount of gross, processed junk food.

Hot dogs, brats, garlic fries, pizza, nachos, burritos, beer, hot chocolate with whipped cream…you name it, it was readily available from outside the stadium to the inside concourses to the seating areas themselves. And oh, boy, were people partaking.

Here’s a snippet of a conversation between the husband and I:

  • Husband: “Man, those guys must be burning a lot of calories!”
  • Me: “Yeah…and they are the only ones in here who have any business eating some of this stuff.” 
  • Husband: “They probably don’t eat that stuff…that’s one reason they’re down there.”

It was then that the absurdity of the whole situation occurred to me. What we had there, in that stadium, was a bunch of people being sedentary while consuming thousands of calories, watching other people burn hundreds of calories while ingesting no calories other than some Gatorade).


As for me, I deeply enjoyed the aroma of the very garlicy garlic fries, but turned down the offer to share an order. One, I know they would have felt like a grease bomb in my stomach, and Two….Maui (more on this Monday!)

* The Seattle Sounders beat a team from Argentina (the Boca Juniors) 3-0, which I’m certain means the world is now tilted slightly off its axis.