More Healthy Reads from the Mayo Clinic

Yesterday, I recommended a book from the Mayo Clinic. Today I’m recommending another. As soon as I heard about “The Mayo Clinic Diet: Eat Well, Enjoy Life, Lose Weight,” I put it on hold at the library. And I was not disappointed.

Before I talk a bit about the “meat” of this book, let me rave about how this book looks. It is vibrant, and colorful, and well-organized, and exciting to read. It makes just excellent use of photos and graphics. I’m a pretty visual person, so I appreciate these sort of details. I also believe that if you are trying to lose weight and get into shape, having “pretty” materials can be a fair bit of encouragement in their own right

But back to the meat. This book is solid. I’m pretty critical of “diet” books, but this one has all the bases covered. It’s balance and healthy. It encourages eating real, unprocessed foods. It addresses the physical and mental aspects of weight loss, as well as the nutritional ones. It gives lots of “baby steps” that will help the reader form permanent habits for a healthy lifestyle.

Perhaps most fundamentally, it includes two phases, a “Lose It!” phase (where, you guessed it, you’re actively losing weight), and a “Live It!” phase that will help you maintain your weight loss forever. It includes a small selection of recipes that look simple and tasty (although I haven’t had a chance to test any yet).

All and all, a really outstanding effort that I think can really help someone with 100+ pounds to lose as well as someone with 5 pounds to lose. Inspiring!