Motivational Monday: Goals as affirmations

Turning your goals into affirmations can be a powerful tool to continue programming your brain for change. You can write any and all of your long-range and short-term goals as affirmations, but if you only choose one, your 12-week goal is the most important goal to focus on.
First, write down why you want to reach your goal. What will reaching that goal do for you? What will be different when you reach it? How will your life improve when you reach it? Look at what you’ve written, and use that information to create your goal affirmation.

For best results, your goal affirmation should be:
Present tense (as if you’ve already achieved it)
Personal (using the reasons that getting fit and lean is important to you)
Positive (phrase it as what you want to get, not what you want to avoid)


“It’s been 12 weeks since I started working toward my health and fitness goals, and I’m feeling great. My weight is below [goal], my clothes fit great and I have so much more energy. I’m really looking forward to a fun, active summer with my family and friends.”

“I’ve been eating right and exercising regularly for the last three months, and I just got lab results back from my doctor’s office. My cholesterol and blood sugar levels are down, and my doctor is really impressed with what I’ve been able to do without medication, just by getting into the regular exercise habit and lowering my weight to [goal]. Not only do I have more energy, but I’m setting a healthy example for my kids.”

To make your goal affirmation more powerful, actively visualize yourself the way you want to be. When you visualize your ideal body and/or activity level, you are reprogramming your self-image. This makes it easier to change your behaviors to be consistent with that new, healthier image.