My new favorite thing

Eating healthfully whenever possible is my primary food goal; eating locally and sustainably is a secondary goal. When the two match up, it’s nutrition nirvana.

I was quite excited to go pick up my first order from a buying club I recently joined. Azure Standard sells bulk and natural foods from their farm and ranch in northern Oregon. Many items they sell (including grains, beans, eggs, veggies) are produced on their farm. Their trucks deliver orders to drop points throughout the western states. (Oh, how I wish I’d known about them a handful of years ago when I lived in rural/suburbia and nowhere near a health food store.)

I’m still mad at Whole Foods and PCC for ceasing to sell raw milk, so I was looking for a new source of the many natural foods that make up my pantry. For my first order, I selected my beloved Bob’s Red Mill muesli, steel cut oats, oat groats (which I haven’t been able to find elsewhere), whole wheat flour, five-grain cereal, dates, silken tofu, kefir, buttermilk, organic cultured butter, dried white beans and walnut oil. The prices were fantastic compared to the stores whose names will not be mentioned in this article again!

I was curious about who a typical Azure customer is, and I was please to find a wide cross-section of people hanging out at the church parking lot drop point. Young hiker-types, grandmothers, young families, a man who appeared to be dressed in the robes of a Greek Orthodox clergyman (not positive, though). Asian, African-American, Hispanic, Caucasian…a whole spectrum of backgrounds. Not that it matters in the end, I suppose, but it was nice to see.

And I have to say it, whoever they have packing up the boxes at Azure is fantastic! My box was packed perfectly. Everything fit together like a puzzle, with nothing crammed in, but no loose space either. I almost hated to unpack it, work of art that it was (I know some Costco baggers who could learn a thing or three).