What a haul!

Having recently learned about the phenomena of haul videos on YouTube, maybe I should start making Farmer’s Market haul videos. It’s about the most exciting shopping I do, these days, which is OK, because I do find farmers’ markets pretty exciting. It thrills me to actually meet the person who had a hand in growing my food. To me, that’s an assurance of quality: If they grow inferior produce (or meat, eggs, etc.), then they get to look at me the next week as I tell them how disappointed I am. Nobody wants that, trust me.

I sure wish I could look at someone in charge of growing the tubs of lettuce from Costco that, in recent weeks, seem to be hiding some slimy bit in the middle that ends up rotting a good portion of the batch. I’m so tired of that. I won’t have a problem with the two gorgeous heads of heirloom lettuce I bought yesterday. Will you look at them…how gorgeous are they. And that asparagus? Perfect. Those adorable carrots? Delicious. That loaf of artisan sourdough bread, baked two blocks from the farmers’ market? Uh…I don’t know how that got there. It must have followed me home.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Buying as local as possible is one of the best assurances of food quality out there. In fact, organic advocate Joan Dye Gussow maintains that it’s more important to buy local than to buy organic. That concept rather shocked me the first time I read her wonderful book, “This Organic Life: Confessions of a Suburban Homesteader,” but it came to make perfect sense. After all, that slimy lettuce from Costco is organic. But, alas, clearly not local.