Get up, stand up!

I was doing a little yoga today, and my last pose had me down on the floor. As rose to standing with panther-like grace (cough), I remembered something I read a few months back in one of the fifty trillion library books that have crossed my reading path (seriously). Something about functional fitness, I believe.

Anyway, it was something about how many, many, many adults, as we get older, basically lose the ability to get up from the floor easily…if at ALL. Once we get past the age where we have a need to be down on the floor playing with our young children, if we have them, we don’t really get down on the floor, so we lose the ability to get up. Bad news if you ever fall, my friends.

I recall one anecdote in the book was about an elderly woman who was on her knees gardening…something she used to do regularly, but had not done for quite some time. She went to get up, but then toppled over on her side. She stayed out there, in her backyard, on the ground, for like, two DAYS before a neighbor happened outside and she was able to call for help. She ended up being OK, thankfully. Just quite dehydrated and very determined to start a strength training program, as you might imagine!

Can you get up off the floor? Can you get up out of a chair without using momentum, or your hands? If you’re really not sure you can, don’t try unless someone is there to help if needed, please. But do, try, please…you need to know for your health’s sake.

These two seemingly simple movements could reveal prime weaknesses in your leg, core and upper body strength. Weaknesses that should NOT be ignored. We aren’t talking about being fit so you can look good in a bathing suit, or whatnot…we’re talking about a base level of fitness so you can simply live well.

Be strong! Be healthy! Strength train! Eat your fruits and veggies!