Motivational Monday: Put it in writing

Last week I had you write down a few “quick hit” actions that you could do right away to improve your nutrition. I’ve also talked about setting goals and turning those goals into affirmations. One way to program your goals into your mind (aka, train your brain) is to write them down where you will see it often. For example:
  • Write your outcome goals and daily behavioral goals on 3×5 cards.
  • Write your 12-week goal/affirmation on a wallet-sized card and carry it with you everywhere.
  • Make posters or signs with your goals and put them up around your house.
  • Turn your goal into a screen saver or Outlook/iPhone reminder.

Always have a goal—never wing it!

To increase your chances of getting the weight/fitness results you want, write down:

  • List of goals
  • List of actions you will take each day toward your goals
  • Daily schedule
  • Weekly schedule
  • Written meal plan (this is even more effective than simply keeping a food diary)
  • Written shopping list
  • Written exercise plan
  • Priority lists (rather than “to do” lists)
I know this can seem like a lot of work. But if you really want to be healthier and fitter, then going after your goals with a firm, tangible, written plan is going to greatly increase your odds of success. Unless you would rather flail around and just sort of hope that things magically work out the way you want. Good luck with that.

By failing to plan for success, you are planning to be disappointed. Think about it.