Nutrition on the go

When it comes to eating healthy, we don’t ever really plan to fail, but we certainly fail to plan, sometimes!

I’ll admit I’m a little adamant (well, maybe more militant) about not letting myself get caught in a situation where I need to have a meal or snack and there is nothing healthy available. Which means that on days where I know or suspect I will be away from home at such a time, I bring food with me.

Enter Exhibit A:

This is what I toted with me (literally…in my cute insulated tote) to the office yesterday. On the left, you’ll see Breakfast 2 (yes, I’ve become a Hobbit…Breakfast 1 was pineapple and cottage cheese while I put on my makeup before leaving the house), plain yogurt mixed with a scoop of vanilla whey protein powder and my favorite Bob’s Red Mill Old Country Muesli, along with a hardboiled egg.

In the middle…lunch. Salad greens, with baggies of cubed baked chicken breast (in balsamic vinegar and olive oil) and diced & sliced cucumbers and bell peppers. Those all went on a plate later, alongside the cup of White Bean Soup with Carrots, Celery and Roasted Red Peppers from a New York Times recipe (note: I used a jar of roasted red peppers instead of roasting them myself…I had neither the time nor the desire to do so).

My mid-afternoon snack is the rest: single serving of hummus with a baggie of mini peppers and celery sticks, a low-fat string cheese from Trader Joe’s, 1/2 ounce of raw almonds and a V-8. This was enough to keep me going through an intense weight lifting workout when I got home from work.

I got all this good food together while I was making the soup the night before. To leave the task until the morning, with all the flurry of other “getting ready to go to the office” activity, would spell nutrition disaster!