The Snowball Effect, Part Two

As I was on my way to my organic chemistry* class this afternoon, something occurred to me. Just as the effects of a healthy lifestyle snowball, so the healthier keep getting healthier (barring some unexpected adverse health incident), so does motivation.

When you are really, truly motivated to achieve something, any obstacles or temptations that crop up seem to serve to boost your motivation. It’s like someone’s daring you to fail, and you come out swinging (metaphorically speaking).

  • You have a sort of, “Oh yeah? Bring …it…ON!” attitude. Temptations slide right off you.
  • You have the grit, determination and derring-do to jump to a Plan B if Plan A isn’t working (after double checking to make sure you were following Plan A to the letter). 
  • Seeing someone who has achieved your goal make you think “That’s going to be ME!”

When you are minimally motivated, yet are trying to achieve something (warning: “I’ll try” is a close cousin of “I’ll fail”), each temptation and obstacle is fraught with peril, and have a high probability of throwing you off course, or halting your progress altogether.

  • You yield to peer pressure and other temptations. You fritter time away that could be put toward reaching your goals. 
  • When your Plan A doesn’t work, you blame the plan…then give up. 
  • Seeing someone who has achieved your goal makes you think, “I’m never going to get there.”

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…when it comes to improving your health, losing weight, getting fit and becoming the best YOU that you can be, pure, raw motivation is an essential ingredient. It’s the holy grail, and you have to find it for yourself, unfortunately. When you find it, it empowers you to work hard, but with out the work feeling hard.

* If I miss a daily post here and there over the next month, blame organic chemistry. Unless you want me to tell you about cyclohexanes and isomers and carboxylic acids, and I don’t think that you do.