Wish you were here!

We had an amazing week camping on the Washington coast last week. Great weather, a campsite overlooking the beach, lots of time for reading and long beach walks. Fantastic. We can’t get the campfire smell out of our hair, but so be it.

Part of living a healthy lifestyle means living healthy even on vacation. That does not mean one needs to be a paragon of dietary restraint, but it does mean that one should not treat vacation as an excuse to strap on the junk food feed bag.

Here’s what we ate: lots of tossed salads, coleslaw (with my own yummy dressing, heavy on the plain yogurt, light on the mayo), grilled vegetables (and grilled peaches…a surprise highlight of the trip!), fresh veggies with hummus, steak, burgers (without the bun), pork chops, chicken, turkey burgers, garlic-artichoke turkey sausages (which tasted great but made me need to drink gallons of water…too much sodium!), fresh fruit, scrambled eggs with veggies, lowfat (and homemade) bran muffins, homemade potato salad (light on the mayo). I drank many bottles of mineral water, and vast quantities of coffee.

Our indulgences included a low-to-moderate intake of s’mores, a bit of bacon and ham, and some cheese, prosciutto and crusty bread and one morning of French toast (with peanut butter and sliced banana, but no syrup). We endeavored to keep portion sizes in check, and the only times we felt too full is when we ate too many grilled veggies!

Here’s what we did not eat: hot dogs, potato chips, just-add-water camping meals, chili from a can (just thinking of things we used to eat camping in a former eating life). I shudder to remember the days when dessert (cookies, brownies, etc.) was followed by s’mores. Once again, there is a reason I used to weigh 90 pounds more than I do at this moment.

It was delightful, but I’m glad to be home (and back to my lil’ home gym), and thinking about what nutrition-related goodness I want to write about next. So exciting!