App happy

Jeff and I upgraded our iPhones this week, and, let’s be honest, an iPhone is more than just a phone. It’s also a toy.

In playing with my new toy, I did something I had not done in a while. I visited the app store. Oh dear. There are so many recipe apps I did not know about! Several of the free ones followed me home:

In addition to fun new recipe apps, I now have an unseemly amount of “office yoga” apps, considering that I currently work from home five days a week and am not medically cleared to do yoga. (Side note…today marks the first day that I am suffering SEVERE exercise withdrawal symptoms. If I can’t start lifting weights soon, I’m going to crack. Or start openly weeping. We’ll see how this plays out.)

Anyhoo, I am seriously jonesing for Mario Batali’s app, and Mark Bittman’s, too (I blame this partially on just having watched “Spain – On the Road Again.”) Those apps, however, are $4.99 each, which puts them sort of into “buying another cookbook” category, which I’m trying not to do.

Here’s a snippet from my dinner conversation last night:

Me: “You know…I really want that Mark Bittman app.” 

Jeff: “Are you serious? What’s all this behind me?” [Waving a hand at the cookbook-filled china cabinet.] “And what’s all that down the hall.” [Ummm…more cookbooks.]

Me: “It’s only $4.99.”

Jeff: “Seriously?”

Me: [Silence accompanied by a dirty look.]

Jeff: “OK, fine. You can get the app if I get to get an iPad.”

Me: “Never mind.”