The finish line

I’m officially done with my 98-day Burn the Fat Summer Challenge. I lost 12 pounds of body fat and gained almost two pounds of lean muscle tissue. Not bad considering that I was studying like a grade-obsessed lunatic (which I am) on top of working full time for most of it.

Of course, plenty of people in the challenge were juggling work and children, which I’m quite sure is an equally hefty time commitment.

It was an experience, to be sure. I’m happy to not be obsessively tracking everything I put in my mouth, though. 14 weeks of that is a long haul. I’ll go back to my habit of keeping a more casual food journal, inputting my food into an online tracker (like Sparkpeople) when I feel like I need a bit of an intensive “check in.”

Just to prove what a lunatic I am, I’m entering another challenge (sponsored by someone else) beginning in a week and running into December. This one is centered around a certain weight training protocol, though (one I was planning to do anyway), and the nutrition part of it is completely up to the competitor. So it will be a change of pace, while still keeping me honest!

Oh, yeah…and I’m doing a fitness challenge through work. I’ve sworn to myself that I won’t go all lunatic nutty about logging a kajillion pedometer steps like I did last year. I set the bar WAY high for myself and then felt compelled to follow through. Variety is the spice of life, and logging an average of 25K steps a day does not leave much room for exercise variety.