I must be stopped

Let me just say two things:

  1. I’ve died and gone to heaven.
  2. As far as diversity goes, the United Nations has nothing on my pantry.

On my last day in the hospital, I was talking to one of the nurses about sweet potatoes, which led to my mentioning of my great love for Uwajimaya, which led to her telling me that Uwajimaya is really overpriced and that she knew of a much better place to shop for Asian and Middle Eastern foods, just outside the city.

I didn’t have the stamina to go investigate…until today. Stop me before I shop again!

This place was not fancy (its aisle were nothing more than neat rows of stacked boxes with the top tier slashed open and adorned with hastily handwritten signs) and its produce section was nothing compared to Uwajimaya’s (although we did come home with great quality, inexpensive sweet potatoes, red peppers, eggplant, white rose potatoes, European pears and a big hurkin’ mango), but oh, the prices! And my goodness, the selection.

Indian curry pastes that I had only dreamed about finding! Pomegranate juice for a pittance! Stuffed grape leaves in a can! Garlic paste and ginger paste and jarred chutneys galore! Ready to go Thai green and red curry sauces! Toasted buckwheat from, like, Bulgaria or somewhere!

I had to stop myself from buying at least one of every exotic ingredient I’ve ever read about in my recipe perusals, or duplicates of those already in my pantry that I’d bought for twice the price! The above photo nonwithstanding, I think I showed amazing restraint. I did not buy the Russian soda, for example, mostly because I wasn’t sure what that meant. We did get the little package of sandwich cookies flavored with cardamom (Cardamom Treats). They were dangerously fantastic. I do love cardamom so…I think I need to start putting it in my oatmeal.

Gotta go dig out my Middle Eastern and Indian cookbooks now. Later, gaters!