The mother of invention

When you make a bold nutritional move like saying “no” (temporarily) to grains, it’s necessary to do a bit of tinkering with meal plans. In particular, it requires a lot of rethinking about breakfast.

Toast. Bagels. Muffins. Pancakes. Waffles. French toast. Hot cereal. Cold cereal. Ditch the grains, and all of those breakfast standbys are whisked right out of your repertoire. Eggs are delicious and nutritious, but eat them every day and you’re liable to get tired of them.

We eat a lot of eggs at our house. Usually in a scramble with a load of veggies, but sometimes fried, and I always keep hardboiled eggs on hand. Since our chickens started laying, we got a little purist with our morning eggs, eating them fried or scrambled plainly in a little butter, with a dash of salt and pepper. (We’re over that, now, and will happily turn them into veggie scrambles.) We also eat a lot of fruit with plain yogurt, and while I tend to use green smoothies as a snack, not as breakfast proper, with a small handful of nuts, I am confident that my blender concoctions can stand in as a filling meal.

But Jeff was concerned about getting bored with non-grain breakfasts, so on impulse I asked, “How would you feel about eating sweet potatoes for breakfast?” He thought that was a fine suggestion.

I had occasionally used a chunk of sweet potato instead of toast to accompany an egg dish, but I thought maybe I was weird that way, so I never thought to serve that meal combo to anyone else. Either I’m not weird, or I also married weird, because this is definitely our new favorite breakfast:

This is a small plate (dessert size), NOT a huge sweet potato!

On this particular morning (Saturday), we enjoyed two fresh-from-our-backyard eggs, fried and served over the small amount of cooked collard greens left over from the night before. I reheated a sweet potato each (I bake them several at a time), and topped them with cinnamon and chopped walnuts. That’s a bit of leftover turkey burger on the side. Delish!