If it feels like fall, and tastes like fall…

…it must be fall!

Indeed, today was a very fall day. Seattle fall, anyway. We had sun. We had gusty winds. We had hard, steady rain. We got up and snuck in a dry walk as the sun was coming up. Then I parked myself in front of the fireplace to study.

We supped early on Jeff’s awesome meatloaf, with small helpings of mashed potatoes and big portions of roasted broccoli. A few hours later, we were peckish, so I chunked up two pears we had baked after dinner (while roasting a huge pan of mixed vegetables for lunches and dinners the next few days) and layered them with two of the quintessential flavors of fall: Pumpkin and cranberry.

For the pumpkin layer, I mixed equal parts canned pumpkin and plain yogurt with cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and a touch of agave nectar (which is not as healthy as it was/is touted to be, but I’m very gradually using up the one bottle I have). It was tasty…but not perfect. I think I’ll try this again, but mix the pumpkin with part-skim ricotta, which may create a pumpkin cheesecake effect. Stay tuned.

For the cranberry layer, I spooned on a bit of the fabulous cranberry sauce I made last week. (Costco is all stocked up with huge bags of the things, and how could I resist? Cranberry sauce is NOT just for Thanksgiving anymore!) I’ve decided to work my way through some of the more interesting cranberry sauce recipes on Epicurious (but not too interesting…I’m not sure Jeff will ever forgive me for the time I “ruined” Thanksgiving with a recipe out of Gourmet that included Chinese five-spice powder).

The current batch residing in a Ball canning jar in my fridge is Cosmopolitan Cranberry Sauce, which, as the name suggests, includes a bit of vodka and triple sec. I made it exactly to the recipe specifications, and it is fantastic. Not for children or anyone avoiding alcohol, clearly, although the amounts in it do not taste overwhelming (and we haven’t gotten a buzz from eating it).

Cranberry sauce does contain sugar, of course, so I eat it sparingly. I find that a dollop in a small dish of plain yogurt or on top of oatmeal is festive, and quite delicious.

P.S. That’s diced candied ginger on top of the parfaits, in case you’re wondering. Love that stuff!