Motivational Monday: (Mostly) Maintaining

I received my annual survey from the National Weight Control Registry today. It’s been two years since I joined, four years since I “finished” losing weight (although I have lost 10 more pounds since then).

This year’s survey was short. They wanted to know where my weight is now compared to a year ago, and whether the net loss/gain/maintenance was a smooth path, or if there were smaller gains and/or losses along the way, and how I felt about it. They also wanted to know if I had participated in a formal weight loss program. I am at the same weight as I was this time last year, albeit with a small gain/loss bubble in between.

My acceptance into this ongoing study serves as a subtle, ever-present form of motivation, in the form of accountability. I want very much to be a successful long-term maintainer. I don’t ever want to sheepishly have to report on one of the annual surveys that I’ve gained back a large amount of weight.

My goal for next year is to avoid the small backslide that seems to happen after the Christmas-New Year holidays, in those gloomy, drippy months when it seems like winter will never give way to spring. Blech…makes me crave carbs just thinking about it!