Stairway to fitness

© Radu Razvan Gheorghe |

Just a quickie today, my brain’s full of hemoglobin (well, thoughts of hemoglobin and its kind of confusing chemical structure, anyhow).

I wish I had time for a little exercise break right now. If I did, I might just walk up and down my stairs several times. That’s right, stairclimbing, a low-cost, gym-free exercise.

Reading that article today made me kind of wish I worked in my downtown office more often. Big building, with lots o’ stairs. I also realized how foolish I was for not climbing steps at the track field right next to my dorm when I was an undergrad. For some reason, I thought stairclimbing was too hardcore. Silly, because it’s great, low-impact exercise that lets you easily control how intense of a workout you get…just do the number of stairs you can handle at the speed you can handle.

It’s also super-easy to measure your progress. You can easily count flights of stairs…no pedometers or mileage markers needed.

See you on the way up!