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The New York Times is running the most delightful package on “Secrets of the Centenarians: Life Before, During and After 100.” I don’t have a particular wish to live to 100, per se, but it is one of my most fervent wishes to live a nice, long life with good health up to the end. I do not want to spend many years at the end of my life struggling with chronic health conditions, a calendar full of doctor’s appointments and a medicine cabinet full of prescription drugs.

Life offers no guarantees, but I’m hoping that my current good health, my healthy lifestyle, and my sense of resiliency will make my later years as pleasant as possible.

That last bit, resiliency, came up in many of the centenarian interviews. You can click here to go directly to the page with the interactive multimedia audio slide shows or here to read a little summary article. Nicely done.

You can also go here to view a related article featuring one of my new role models, Esther Tuttle, age 99. Or “Faity,” as she’s known to her friends. I loved listening to her interview. I especially loved these bits:

“It’s fun to be 99 and be well.”

“(Exercise) seems to be the secret of a long life. And eat in moderation. And drink in moderation. … Moderation is a wonderful thing.”

My other new role model, Hazel Miller, 100, had this to say:

“The best part of being 100 is you live to be 100. If you can enjoy it, that is an extra good thing.”

Phil Damsky, 100, had this wonderful tidbit:

“Enjoy every minute that you’re living. That’s some good advice.”

As I said, resiliency was a theme that came up a lot in the interviews. Taking things as they come. Rising above evil things. Not dwelling on the past and things you could of or should have done differently. Wonderful advice, wouldn’t you agree?

Be healthy. Be happy. Enjoy life!