Balance, young Jedi

This morning Jeff says to me, “We didn’t eat enough vegetables this weekend.”

Well, we did eat quite a lot of fruits and veggies (compared to most people), but we were under our personal norms. That’s the problem with indulgent eating: It often displaces the healthy stuff. That’s why we indulge wisely, and don’t do it often. In addition to ice cream and pancakes yesterday, we had brie and crackers (with a green salad and half a pear each) and my famous pasta Bolognese (with a salad). To be fair, I did suggest having broccoli and a salad Saturday night, but Jeff said that was too much. So there.

Anyway, I love pears…
…so this was lunch:

Green salad with pears, a few dried cranberries and a bit of blue cheese. I often add walnuts, but not today, since I was having a bit of leftover meatloaf with it. I made a simple vinaigrette with walnut oil and apple cider vinegar, my preferred combo when I add fruit to green salads. A little salt and pepper rounded it out. Nice!