Friday night (fluorescent) lights

Another Friday, another evening of grabbing dinner at Whole Foods after work then bouncing around town to get our grocery shopping on. Some people like to belly up to the bar on a Friday night, we like to belly up to the shopping cart.

First stop is my produce Nirvana, Uwajimaya. $15 later, we have three huge bags of produce, including lots o’ dark leafy greens, which is even more important now that I met with my naturopathic physician to go over my recent blood work. More on that tomorrow.

Then it was off to Costco, for more produce (and a bottle of tawny port and some coffee beans).

Then finally to Trader Joes. Look what followed me home…more pumpkin butter! (Only four jars this week.)

And, hey, Satsumas!

Vitamin C and iron will be playing big roles in my dietary future.