A Harvest Breakfast

I’m in love with a jar of pumpkin butter. And persimmons, I’m in love with persimmons. Someone help me!

You know how they always say that you should “try a new fruit or vegetable” every week, or how ever often, as incentive to work a variety of fruits and veggies into your diet (“all the colors of the rainbow”)? Well, I eat so many types of fruits and veggies anyway that I don’t really bother with new. A new variety of apple, maybe, and of course the seasonal shifts from citrus to berries to peaches and melons to apples and pears (and figs!) and back around the wheel again.

But I had a strange yen last weekend to try a persimmon. I don’t know why…they look a little like a motley underripe tomato, if you ask me. But the Asian market we stopped at had them, and I picked up four or five. I chose the Fuyu variety (pictured) because the sign said it was tasty in both the firm and soft states. The Hachiya variety, on the other hand, is only good when soft (it’s highly astringent when firm). It’s about the same color, but heart-shaped.

Oh, my word. They are so good. I’m not sure how to describe them…my specimens are still firm, and the flesh sort of has the texture of a firm peach. They are sweet, but not cloyingly so, and they have definite flavor (one of my beefs with some varieties of Asian pears is that they are sort of bland). A cross between a melon and a pear? Oh, I don’t know. They’re just good. And I plan to eat a lot of them.

Another thing I plan to eat prudent (but frequent) amounts of is Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Butter. I heard about it, bought a jar this weekend and finally cracked it open at breakfast this morning. I’m going to go back and get a case of it, and it will be mine all mine! Jeff doesn’t get any (well, maybe I’ll share a little). It’s sweet and spicy and tastes like pumpkin pie! (Hmm…maybe I will share it with Jeff, as it might satisfy him enough to keep him from sneaking whole huge pumpkin pies into our cart at Costco.)

Persimmons and pumpkin butter. Two great tastes of fall. Mix them with a pear, some sprouted grain toast with almond butter, and some eggies from the backyard hens, and you have yourself a real Harvest Breakfast.