I’ve mentioned before that we don’t drink much juice, mostly because we prefer to eat whole fruit. Plus, with juice, you can down a whole lot of calories in the wink of an eye, without feeling the slightest bit full.

We became quite enamored with fresh-squeezed juice in Buenos Aires, and bought ourself a manual juice press at a local restaurant supply store shortly after we arrived home from our trip.

We don’t “make” orange juice often, but we really enjoy it when we do. It tastes fantastic, and there’s a whole ritual about it with buying the oranges at Pike Place Market and using the juicer and serving it in the Picardie tumblers that were everywhere in Buenos Aires and were shockingly (and temporarily) hard to find in the U.S. when we got back (I now have half the national supply in my basement, in almost all sizes, so I will never, ever run out!).

It’s a joy that can never be had from pouring “juice from concentrate” out of a carton. Never.