A life in balance

This was our cart at Costco this weekend.

Add to that a mountain of produce from Uwajimaya, including a virtual Everest of grapefruit…

…a little bit of which turned into fresh juice.

And leafy kale and collards, mingling nicely with their fruit and veggie cousins in our fridge. Now, for the balance:

This is our latest discovery in the pumpkin-goodness category, Trader Joe’s pumpkin ice cream. It is sooooo good. Dangerously so. It is really pumpkiny (the ingredients include real pumpkin puree!). It makes up for the slight disappointment in the lack of serious pumpkin flavor in the artisan pumpkin ice cream we got on Jeff’s birthday.

As fantastic as this is, it will not be on our regular shopping list. It’s premium ice cream, with all the fat and sugar that entails. That’s how I prefer my ice cream (I’d rather have small amounts of the real thing than lots of fat-free, sugar-free fakery), but it will be an autumn indulgence that we look forward to the rest of the year. If you love pumpkin, I encourage you to check it out. Soon, because it’s a seasonal thing, just like their pumpkin butter.