Motivational Monday: Hibernation Nation


Why does the view out my front window look like this? I’m not ready for snow! It’s not even winter yet. That’s almost a month away!

Seattle does not do well with snow. We don’t get enough of it to ever really get our snow legs under us. Plus, this whiteout (and the frigid temperatures that came with it) make me want to curl up next to a space heater with a loaf of bread and not move.

Not good. (That goes for the not moving and the loaf of bread eating.)

I can’t control the weather (goodness knows I’ve tried), but I can control how I respond to the weather. Just because I can’t bear to go for a walk outside doesn’t mean I have an excuse for not exercising inside. That’s why I have a basement weight room, a stationary bike, a yoga mat, and more dance DVDs than my public library.

As for the bread…I think it’s natural to want heartier, warmer, more filling foods in the cold months. But if trying to avoid weight gain, it’s smart to balance what we want with what is healthiest for us.

A big (cold) salad satisfies me in the summer, but in the winter I feel better pairing it with something hot. No, not a big cheeseburger! Soup, soup is good food. Or a baked sweet potato. Or a cup of chili (with veggies in it). Or some leftover roasted veggies, heated up. Or a piece of whole grain toast with some mashed avocado. And a cup of hot tea.

Just a few idea. Soothe yourself with warmth, but not with layers of fat, sugar and calories. Which reminds me, it’s almost Thanksgiving. Tomorrow, I’ll give some tips for enjoying one of the biggest “food holidays” of the year without needing to buy bigger pants by Christmas.