Power breakfast

I’m a sucker for new-to-me foods that are healthy, look tasty and don’t cost an arm-and-a-leg, so when I spied this at Trader Joe’s I was all over it.

Some years back, I worked with a young fellow from Germany, who really did not care for this country’s fluffy bread so much. He raved about the bread he was used to back home, and brought some in to work once to share (I can’t remember if he found it here or had it sent across land and sea). It was a lot like this, from what I remember. I broke out a slice yesterday (just one, because while they are slim in size, they are not slim in calories).

I wanted a quick-but-hearty breakfast to give me energy for the morning’s endurance exercise: Seattle Goodwill’s Annual Glitter Sale. I stood in line for two hours (most of it outside in the damp cold) before being admitted to a big back room o’ mayhem. I’ve never seen so many fur coats (real and faux), former bridesmaid dresses and sparkly shoes in one room. Not much in the way of cool vintage clothing, though. Boo-hoo!

My breakfast did what it was supposed to, though. Spread with a little light whipped cream cheese and pumpkin butter, accompanied with sides of scrambled eggs and persimmon chunks, I had the fortitude required for the task at hand!