Saving daylight, sacrificing health?

With daylight savings time upon us, I all but jumped up and down in my seat when I saw this article.

Not that I didn’t appreciate the extra hour of sleep this morning, but it doesn’t quite compensate for the brutal fact that now it will be dark every day at 4 p.m. I chafe at the changing of the clocks for good reason, apparently…all that dark is bad for my health!

“Leaving clocks alone as winter approaches would allow an extra hour of daylight in the afternoon and could boost levels of vitamin D as well as encourage people to exercise more.”

Yes! That’s my idea of health reform.

Let’s not forget the stress of remembering to change the clocks…all five million of them. Why does virtually every small appliance have to have a clock on it? Next they’ll be putting them on hair dryers (so you can keep track of time when getting ready in the morning). But if you put on a few pounds, don’t blame the stress.