T-Day minus zero

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope yours went well. This is how mine went…

Woke up. It was chillin.*

Started the day with a little yoga while I waited for coffee to brew.

It was cold, so I stayed in my fleecy PJ pants.

Time to make apple cake, with four kinds of apples.

This Rome apple was such a beauty, I almost hated to cut into her.

I baked the pumpkin-cheesecake pie last night. Looks good!

While the cake baked I made breakfast. Steel cut oatmeal cooked with a banana, canned pumpkin, dried cranberries and raisins, topped with sauteed plums, toasted pecans and a small dollop of pumpkin butter. A plate of persimmon on the side. And coffee, naturally.

I got to idea to do the plum topping from KathEats. A perfect way to use up the three plums in my fridge.

The new issue of Bon Appetit…the perfect breakfast reading material!
Hey, the cake’s done. A little bumpier on the top than the photo in the cookbook, but it tasted great (as I found out hours later). I’ll post the recipe tomorrow.

Did a little biochemistry homework.
Then I squeezed in a session on the stationary bike before hopping into the shower.

Then we made our way through the city…

…to the country.
Just in time for appetizers!

Hmmm…failed to take photos of the actual meal. It was delish. I did take lots of photos of my niece and nephews, but I won’t post those. Both of my desserts were a hit, and my sister made a fantastic sweet potato pudding with pecan and gingersnap topping. She even made the gingersnaps from scratch, little overacheiver! The recipe is from the November issue of Bon Appetit, you can also find it on Epicurious here. I was a little full after dessert, but not stuffed, so I met my goal of enjoying the meal without going crazy. Yay!

The snow was finally starting to melt. On our return trip home, there few signs that it had snowed at all. Still, I would rather be here right now: