Taste of sunshine

Today marks the opening of grapefruit season in our house. It was not the most auspicious start…i.e., not the best grapefruit we’ve had (but not the worst). We got them on sale at Whole Foods, and while they were juicy and not lacking in flavor, they were a tad tart. But it’s early days. There’s a whole, glorious season of citrus to come.

We waited until Texas grapefruit were available. While we certainly buy some produce from out of the country (bananas anyone?), we try to avoid buying foreign citrus. I’ve been chafing at the bit, but I keep saying “No” to boxes of oranges from Chile.

I served my pink globe of sunshine up with a side of toasted English muffin (with light whipped cream cheese from Trader Joe’s and, of course, pumpkin butter) and two badly fried eggs courtesy of our backyard hens (carnage, absolute carnage…frying eggs is totally Jeff’s domain).

Look! Pig plate!