Toasty oats

Nothing banishes the rainy Sunday morning blahs quite like a comforting, delicious bowl of steel cut oatmeal (along with a pot of Starbucks Christmas Blend). I made my awesome oatmeal recipe as usual, stirring in two sliced bananas, a couple scoops of canned pumpkin and a helping of raisins (for iron!) during the last 10 minutes of cooking.

While the oats cooked, I did something I had been meaning to do all week. I braised some pears.

I bought two Bosc pears at Uwajimaya last week, and the little sign posted at the display suggested braising them in butter and brown sugar. Yeah, that sounds horrible.

I had thought I might make a rice pudding and top it with the butter-and-sugar-braised pears, but there was just never enough time to do that and make dinner. Those pesky biochem and anatomy textbooks just will not be ignored!

So braised pears with breakfast it was. I skipped the brown sugar, because we were out of it (I use sugar so rarely that I lose track of my supply status), but did put a bit of cultured butter in the pan. Yum!

The pears, some toasted pecans and a tiny dollop of pumpkin butter made a great bowl of oats even better.

The icing on the cake, so to speak, is that Costco is now carrying big bags of Bob’s Red Mill steel cut oats (at least in my neck of the woods). I was so happy when I saw them on an endcap, I nearly squealed.