Christmas Vacation…Vegas Style (Day 2)

We started Day 2 in Vegas by getting our hoof on. Over the course of the day, we walked between Mandalay Bay at the extreme south end of the Las Vegas strip and Encore near the north end. 5.8 miles round trip, and that doesn’t even count all the “Family Circus” walking we did in and out of the casinos. I didn’t wear a pedometer this trip, but last time we were in Vegas I did, and I averaged around 30,000 steps a day. I wore my trusty gray Converse Chuck Taylors, which also saw me through a LOT of walking in Buenos Aires last year. Can you tell I like walking when traveling? Great way to sightsee + exercise = general awesomeness.

Where else can you see the Statue of Liberty (above) and Monte Carlo (below) in the space of an hour?

Breakfast was fruit and Trio granola bars (from our suitcase) before we beelined for the Starbucks in Planet Hollywood. Lunch was a fabulous steak salad at The Pub in Monte Carlo (where we tried to go the night before) and a beer (Rogue Shakespeare Stout for me). Too dark in there to take a proper food photo.

We left room for dessert from Sweet Chill, a fab gelato place in Aria (one of the resorts in City Center).

Yes, we shared this. Two scoops of amazing pistachio plus one scoop of totally extra amazing carrot cake. So good, but really too much for two…

…so we walked some more, to go see the MGM lions, oh my! (Yes, that’s a person sitting in the lion den. I want his job…well, maybe.)

We grabbed tix at Half Price Tickets for the Sin City Comedy show at Planet Hollywood later that evening. It was pretty good, even though the audience was kind of subdued. I ordered a glass of cabernet with my drink ticket, so I switched to San Pellegrino when we grabbed dinner after the show at P.F. Chang’s. (Chang’s is sort of a Vegas tradition we have, although they moved the huge bank of video poker machines where Jeff always won enough money to pay for dinner while we were waiting for our table. Boo hoo!)
We continued sight seeing after dinner instead of gambling (which may hurt our future room comps, but whatever). The Bellagio is so pretty at night…
…and then there’s always Paris:
The strip was noticeably busier than it was the night before. Restaurants were all open, but there were more slow people to navigate around. Even though I am not renowned for my balance (especially since I broke an ankle) and do not do well with heels (partly because of balance, partly because I have a perpetual low-level fear of breaking the other ankle), I still walked faster than most people while wearing heels! Go figure!