Christmas Vacation…Vegas Style (Day 4)

Christmas in Vegas is CRAZY!

We’d been told that although New Year’s Eve in Vegas is bonkers, Christmas is quiet. Those people have obviously never been to Vegas over Christmas. We were up past 2 a.m., so we slept until 10, giving us just enough time to shower, dress and check out by 11. We had a few hours to kill before leaving for the airport, so we checked our luggage downstairs. The casino and the hotel lobby were packed! The lovely gentleman who helped us confirmed that Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year for them.

We headed across the Strip to the local outpost of New York’s famous Serendipity 3 for breakfast. My goodness, the portions are huge. Jeff got the hangover omelet, which came stuffed with fries and topped with enough toast to feed a small army. I saw that the quiche came with a green salad, so you know what I ordered. Veggies…keep ’em coming.

They had really, really good coffee, in nice, big cups, thank goodness. I needed it.

I really wanted to order the famous frozen hot chocolate, but Jeff didn’t want any, and I certainly didn’t want a whole one, so I’ll save that indulgence for a future trip. Instead, we took one final jaunt to faux Lake Como at Bellagio to enjoy a water show and the view of the faux Eiffel Tower.

Here it is behind the water show…

…and unobstructed.

Then we headed over to the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood. I remember when the Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace were a big deal, now it seems like every other casino complex has their own mall, each one shinier than the one before.

Anyway…have you ever experienced day-after-Christmas shopping craziness on Christmas? No? Well, come to Vegas! Insanity! Wall-to-wall people! Of course, I did pick up two fab sweaters for a song at Banana Republic (I’m wearing one right now), so who am I to complain?

Alas, soon it was time to go, so we unchecked our bags and scooted off to the airport. Now, the Las Vegas airport IS a dead zone on Christmas. There was no one at security. With no line of fellow travelers to queue up behind, I became confused and disoriented, with no idea what to do. I ended up in one of those full-body scanners, which was no big deal. Flying on Christmas, you ask? Well, would you want to fly on the day after Christmas, if you had a choice? I think not!

While we were waiting by the gate, an announcement went out that there were two available seats in first class. I snatched my boarding pass out of my bag, thrust it at Jeff, and he hustled to the desk, very narrowly beating out two other parties who wanted those seats. See, it pays to walk briskly, and walk often!

First class gave me space to work math problems in preparation for my GREs (math on Christmas…I know, I know), and when we got home we had a lovely dinner of pasta Bolognese, which I had left to defrost in the fridge right before we left. A perfect end to a perfect mini holiday vacation!