A Christmas Wish, sung to the tune of “Our Stove Broke!”

Looks like our house is getting a new stove for Christmas. I really hope our vehicles don’t get jealous and ask for something. At least it’s not like Christmas 2007, when the house demanded (and got) a new furnace.

Anyway, it was the weirdest thing. I was finishing up making the World’s Best Pot Roast on Sunday (no lie, it’s the Red Wine Pot Roast recipe from a 2008 Christmas gift, “Cooking” by James Peterson…awesome book, super awesome recipe), when with a great flash of white light, the lower (metal!) heating element cracked in two. I had just taken a pan of roasted cauliflower and mushrooms out of the oven, and had turned the heat up to 400 degrees to finish off the pot roast, when the incident occurred.

(Note: I will never, ever post that pot roast recipe here. I might crack if I had to type it up. It’s not hard, but it takes about 6 hours from start to finish, not including marinating the roast overnight, and involves a lot of setting of timers and turning over of roasts and changing oven temperatures and whatnot…buy the book, or check it out from the library. You won’t be sorry.)

After the shock wore off, I managed to finish the pot roast on the stove, so dinner survived nicely. Not so tonight, when someone who shall remain nameless decided to try to remove the heating element while the stove was plugged in and I was cooking dinner on the stovetop. Something shorted out, and the entire range, stove and oven, is now shot. C’est la vie.

With finals coming up (anatomy on Saturday and biochemistry on Tuesday), I will likely be stoveless for another week. Thank heavens for crockpots, rice steamers, toaster ovens and sort of for microwaves. I would count our outdoor grill, but the glass in the cover broke in another freakish no-cause accident about a month ago. Maybe it’s a curse. Maybe it’s a sign that I’m supposed to become a raw foodist. Or maybe it’s just stupid dumb luck combined with having the oldest stove and BBQ grill imaginable. Yeah, I think that last one’s it.

Maybe I’ll just start hitting the fast food dollar menus until we have a new stove…NOT! Ha ha, I crack myself up! Better to laugh then to cry over a toasted stove!