Just Do It!

I got this T-shirt this weekend. It is so me. I wore it this morning when I was working out in the basement, as a little extra motivation during this treat-laden time of year.

Might someone think it’s offensive? Perhaps. But truly, being lazy sucks. I’m not talking about having an occasional lazy evening or whatnot, but being lazy in general does suck. A lifestyle of laziness is a one-way path to poor health and excess body weight. Our bodies are meant to move briskly and often.

Don’t have time to get to the gym or do your normal exercise routine this time of year? Then do something else. Go for a walk (make it a social outing with family or friends to get more bang for your time buck). Dance around the house while you’re cleaning up before company comes. Just try to stay active and not have your butt in a chair for too long. Then pick back up with your regular (or new and improved) exercise routine as soon as you can. I myself am looking forward to a new, improved weight training routine once I’m done with holiday travels and studying for my GREs (which I’m taking the morning of New Year’s Eve…ugh!).