Quack on a Rack

It was a big day today. We got up early, to head north on our annual trek to pick up our quarter-share of a steer from the butcher.

Another year of fantastically delicious roasts, steaks, stew and burgers, from a humanely raised steer that got to live a normal life, roaming pastureland, eating grass. This is our fifth year buying a share of beef from the same small farm, and we’ve been thrilled with the quality. It’s as good as the Argentine beef we enjoyed during our trip to Buenos Aires last year. Our farmers have a waiting list for their waiting list now, so I’m doubly glad we found them when we did.

Then it was Game Day at our house (most of which I missed because of my Saturday anatomy class), in which my alma mater, University of Oregon, secured it’s place in the national college football championships! Whoo-hoo. When I was in school, the Ducks were just starting to get better, and a season with more wins and losses was fairly exciting. They’ve come a long way, baby!

I got a giggle out of this sighting when we were grocery shopping at Uwajimaya last night. Good thing it didn’t turn out to be a bad omen!