Woman Cave

If guys can have “Man Caves,” then women can have “Women Caves”! I have two, caves actually, each of them a little Fortress of Solitude.

Fortress Number One is my yoga/dance/sewing room. It’s the smallest of our extra bedrooms, and painted lavender by previous owners, making it completely unsuitable as a Man Cave. I have a small TV and DVD player, along with my bountiful collection of dance and yoga DVDs…

…and my yoga gear and foam roller.

Fortress Number Two is my basement weight room. It’s not a thing of beauty, and our canning supplies, home improvement paraphernalia and stuff we’re saving for a future garage sale keep threatening to enroach. But this space is sacred, and I am bullish about protecting it’s boundaries.

Note the super-attractive faux wood paneling, and the rustic concrete floor under the Costco rubber mats. Also note my ancient (read: Classic) U2 posters, which graced the walls of my high school bedroom and college dorm rooms many moons ago, and had been languishing in a poster tube until I set up my Fortress.

My fitness credo. (Well, not totally…although I do have number 8 down!)

My Wall Of Fame, and my iPod music system. Never work out without it!

Second-hand weights, mostly off Craigslist, with two huge mirrored closet doors purchased for $10 each at an architectural salvage yard.

My heavy weight bag, which I got new, but deeply discounted, at a sporting goods store. Don’t mess with me!

My fitness library, with assorted books, e-book printouts and my back issues of Oxygen and Muscle and Fitness Hers magazines.

I also have a stationary bike in front of our TV upstairs (paid for by one of the yearly rebate checks we get for having a Costco excecutive level membership), and take advantage of the great outdoors to go walking (often) or running (less often). I sometimes miss belonging to a gym, but with my crazy work and school schedule, it makes much more sense for me to be able to be less than 30 seconds away from my workout space. Especially since I have the space to accommodate it.