Decisions, decisions

So what do you do when you are craving a smoothie and eggs + toast for breakfast, and you’re not going have all of that (because a big breakfast will do you no good)?

Easy, silly…you segue into lunch!

Lunch ended being a delicious (and quick) combo of two backyard hen eggs scrambled with mushrooms, a slice of sprouted grain toast with smashed avocado, and a green salad with orange pepper chunks, topped with hummus instead of dressing (this is where I would say, “cuz that’s how I roll,” except I don’t say that…ever). Oh, there’s a tiny bit of crumbled feta cheese sprinkled over everything.

But back to smoothies. I made one of my usual tasty concoctions of a cup of almond milk,* a scoop of chocolate whey protein powder, a few teaspoons of ground flax seed, a banana, a handful of frozen strawberries and another of frozen blueberries.

Ooops…almost forgot about the extra-special guest-starring ingredient (that may become a cast regular): Peanut flour!

I had read about Trader Joe’s peanut flour on a few different food blogs, and had picked some up for myself a few months back, but it just sat in my pantry, forgotten. Well, I finally busted it out, and all I can say is “Yum!”

I’d heard a few mixed reviews of this product, how it worked better in some applications than others. All I know is that it blended wonderfully into my smoothie, giving it a great peanut butter taste with a fraction of the calories and fat. The peanut flour has 110 calories and 4 grams of fat per 1/4 cup, and I used maybe half that amount.

* Why almond milk? Because I like a “milky” or “creamy” liquid base to my smoothies, and almond milk has 40 calories per cup, which is a lot less than milk. Sometimes I’ll use part almond milk and part yogurt. I never use soy milk, because I don’t touch the stuff.