Links I Like

In honor of the new year, here are some of the interesting health-nutrition-fitness-related links I came across in the last week of 2010:

  • Interesting story on NPR about whether making calorie counts available at restaurants will really help us make healthier choices, or if our other eating behaviors and personal food psychology just get in the way.
  • Looking to make 2011 a little bit healthier? Maybe you should avoid these cookbooks.
  • Another good story from NPR about how the Army is dealing with the sad fact that many of its recruits are in poor physical shape. Mainly, it’s cleaning up what it feeds these recruits (revamping a diet that mostly consisted of burgers, fried things and soda) and working on basic fitness. Please note the quote near the end of the article from the private who said he lost 35 pounds by eating more fruits and vegetables and exercising in the morning. I’m just saying…
  • You’re never too old to benefit from healthy eating habits. So why not do even better by starting right now?
  • A surprising benefit to yoga? (Sorry I didn’t post this one in time for New Year’s Eve!)

Happy healthy reading!