Workin’ out (Day 2 of 4)

OK, the threat of a cold has passed. I had a ragingly sore throat on Tuesday (how my colds always start) that faded into nothingness. And, no, I hadn’t been screaming my lungs out at a concert or football game on Monday.

All I can say is, “You go, immune system!” I’m telling you, give your body nutritious food, lots of activity and fresh air, sufficient sleep and help it deal with stress in a healthy way…and it will thank you.

So I had a great workout yesterday, and am looking forward to another one as soon as I finish telling you what I’ll be doing.

Day 2 (Thursday): Legs, glutes, back, biceps
Barbell Romanian deadlifts* (3 sets total)
Alternating sets:
– Assisted chin-ups (3 sets total)
– One-legged squat off bench** (3 sets total)
Alternating sets:
Reverse flyes (3 sets total)
– One-legged glute bridge off bench*** (3 sets total)
Alternating sets:
– 21s**** (3 sets total)
Standing calf raises***** (3 sets total)

* Wow, ACE does not like this exercise, apparently. Probably because it can be risky for people with back issues, especially if done incorrectly. This really is not a beginner exercise, even though it is my favorite exercise in the whole wide world.
** I like to stand on a bench so there’s more “room” for my non-working leg. I lightly put my hands on the upright barbell arms for stability, because my balance sucks.
*** Instead of having one foot on the floor, I put it up on a bench. This makes it more advanced
**** I can’t find any links to this exercise that aren’t scary (i.e, filled with testosterone-fueled references to “big guns.”) Basically, you do 7 lower half lifts (arms straight to bent 90 degrees) then 7 upper half lifts (90 degrees to totally bent) then 7 full lifts.
***** I hold a dumbbell in one hand and do this off my bottom basement step.