ERF! (Eat Real Food!)

I’m back from Arizona, and it was not without some regret that I left the sunny skies of Scottsdale behind for the chill and impending rain of Seattle (at least it was sunny today…cold, but sunny).

My travel and meeting schedule pretty much precluded me from posting the last two days, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t thinking about things to write (I’m always thinking)! Foremost on my mind was the new 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans. In case you don’t know, these are updated and released every five years.

If you do know about them, you are probably either in the health and nutrition fields or a preternaturally savvy consumer of health and nutrition news. I have a feeling that most people don’t know, and don’t care. This would make me sad, except I’m not sure these guidelines are worth very much to the average Joe or Jane. Reading the actual report would make your eyes glaze, and both the official report and the “consumer-friendly” bits and pieces that are written from it are a tad too food industry friendly, in my opinion. By that, I mean that the report refrains from making any really strong recommendations that might offend some segment of the industry.

I could say much more about this, and I would, except Mark Bittman has already said it rather nicely. Mr. Bittman recently gave up his long-running “The Minimalist” column in The New York Times in order to focus on other food writing-related interests, some of which are appearing on the NYT’s opinion pages.

On Tuesday, he wrote “Is ‘Eat Real Food’ Unthinkable?” I surely hope not. Read that, then read his link-loving follow-up from Wednesday, “Beyond the Acronyms.” Good stuff.

You can read about Mr. Bittman’s exodus from the Dining pages, and access his Minimalist archives, here.

I really want to go get some ERF T-shirts made up now…