Motivation, Part 1

Ask anyone who knows me well if I have a competitive streak, and they would probably say something akin to, “Uh, YEAH.” Once they finished laughing hysterically.

Whatever. Whether it’s playing Connect Four with my little sister when we were kids, or going for the 4.0 in biochemistry now, the competitive spirit has served me well. Now, it’s going to get me back to a place where my jeans are loose instead of, yes, I’ll admit it…a tad snug. What can I say? This past winter has been the fifth coldest in Seattle’s history, and it took a little bit of a toll.

But spring has spring, not just officially, but in reality. I went outside without gloves today, people. This is huge!

Anyway, back to my competitive streak. My company is starting another shape-up challenge in a week or so, and after taking a breather last year, I’m back as a team captain. Two years ago, I logged the most minutes spent exercising of anyone in my company. Last year, someone else in my office won. I tried to recruit him for my team this week, but he decided to join a different team. That means we’re competing head to head.

Yeah…bring it ON!

There are many sources of motivation, and what works for one person may not work for another. That’s why I encourage people to dig deep and figure out their true motivation for eating right, being active and reaching for optimal health. I don’t care whether that reason is as weighty as “I want to be around for my kids college graduations” or “I don’t want to have a heart attack like my dad did” or as trivial as “I want to look super hot.” When it comes to motivation, no reason is trivial. If your reason lights a fire under you to move your butt and ditch the French fries, then it is the right reason. So I might be a little competitive…but I’m also motivated!