Stop the insanity!

As if it wasn’t bad enough that women are willing to inject their faces with botulism in an attempt to look younger, now they are willing to inject themselves with urine from pregnant women in an attempt to lose weight?

No this is NOT April Fool’s Day. I wish that’s all it was.

Apparently, crazy fad diets are not enough. In the never-ending quest to lose weight, combining pregnancy hormones with an extremely low-calorie diet (500 calories, in some cases) has begun to sound like a good idea to some people. The “promise” is that this will not only help them lose weight, but strategically lose weight in “problem areas.”


Now, I admit to a certain degree of vanity. One reason I work my butt off (or my thighs, which are quite sore today from yesterday’s workout) to maintain a large weight loss is because I want to look a certain way. But the payoff of good health is even more important. I’m not necessarily aiming for longevity, per se (although I would like to live a good, long life), but I really, really want to be as healthy as possible, for as long as possible. My dream for old age is to be free of chronic disease, and physically independent until the day I die.

Pregnancy hormones (yes, taken from pregnant women’s urine!) and a diet so skimpy that vital nutrients are missing will not get me there. Not that I would even consider something like that. Yuck. If I don’t like my midsection, I’ll pay closer attention to what I eat, make sure I’m not eating too much sodium (for the bloat factor), and I’ll change up the ab exercises I do. Maybe that makes me old-fashioned, but it also makes me HEALTHY!