Another brief announcement

Hello. I have news!

Today I received a very welcome e-mail telling me that I have been accepted to the Graduate Coordinated Program in Dietetics at the University of Washington. Naturally, I e-mailed right back with my own acceptance!

A month ago, I was accepted into the Masters of Public Health in Nutrition Sciences program at UW, and found out shortly thereafter that I was on the waitlist for the GCPD. The GCPD part is a necessary step in becoming a Registered Dietitian. It involves some extra dietetic-specific coursework and the supervised practice (internship) that is required before a student can take the RD exam.

There is a massive shortage of RD internships in this country (I’ve even seen the shortage referred to as a crisis), so getting into this competitive program, which combines the coursework with the internship, is very exciting. Not to mention the fact that I’m quite thrilled at the prospect of jumping in to the rest of the MPH and nutrition coursework. Fall can’t come soon enough!