Jamie takes on LA

Tonight was the Season 2 premier of “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.” Before the first commercial break, I was thoroughly grossed out by the assortment of school lunches that kids brought into Jamie’s kitchen (located somewhere in downtown LA). Such a collection of sugary, uber-processed food I have never seen. He likened it to airplane food, and that’s probably not far off the mark.

“From the age of 4 to the age of 18, your kids are eating this junk,” he said to the group of assembled parents. The LA school district wouldn’t let him into the schools, so he was doing an end run to start rallying support for his cause.

Jamie to young boy: “Oh, you have an apple!”
Young boy: “We homeschool.”

Back from commercial. I have two words for you: Pink slime.

What the what? Pink slime is the bits of of a cow that used to be considered fit for dog food only, but now, mixed with ammonia, its apparently fit for humans. It’s in 70 percent of the ground beef in the United States. I am never, ever eating a hamburger or anything with ground beef in it ever again, other than the ground beef we get from our annual 1/4 beef share. Or maybe from Whole Foods, because I’m pretty sure they are not in the 70 percent, and we would be able to verify that.

Jamie decided to attend a meeting of the California School Nutrition Association. He went into one of the seminars, “Keep Flavored Milk from Dropping Out of School.” The speaker said that milk consumption drops when you serve plain milk instead of flavored.

“Well, we all know that if you dip food in sugar, they’ll eat more of it,” Jamie said. “You do not give kids sugary milk in the middle of an obesity crisis.” Makes sense to me. One little carton of milk has 28 grams of sugar!

This is one weeks worth of added sugar in the flavored milk in the LA School District.

With all the evidence linking sugar to cardiovascular disease and cancer, feeding that much sugar to kids is simply appalling. And that’s all I have to say about that. For now.