Wishful thinking

The weather today was one big tease.

I didn’t expect it to be warm enough to eat my breakfast alfresco (10-grain cereal, cooked with chia seeds, half a banana, dried cranberries, vanilla and cinnamon then topped with flax meal, wheat germ, unsweetened coconut, a few granola chunks and some sunflower butter, along with a fab tangelo from Full Circle)…

…but my high hopes for my late lunch (romaine salad with carrot, cucumber, radish and avocado in walnut oil and red wine vinegar, with a cup of turkey chili, the last bran muffin and kiwi and mango topped with plain nonfat Greek yogurt, flax meal and walnuts) were dashed, because it was only 50 degrees out!

I was determined to sit outside and enjoy a cup of coffee and a little magazine reading after work, but I bailed halfway through my cup. Breezy and too cold in the shade! I consoled myself with making a yummy fritatta for dinner.

Full Circle onion and zucchini, and kale from the garden…

…sauteed with some mushrooms in olive oil and butter until a lot of the moisture was cooked out and everything was lightly golden. I added eight eggs from the hens, along with some extra egg whites. Added some fines herbs and salt & pepper, and let it cook, moving it around just a little with a spatula, until the bottom half was pretty much cooked and set. Then I topped it with spoonfuls of nonfat ricotta and stuck it under the broiler (on a lower setting).

I checked on it occasionally until the top part was set and just a bit browned. Really good! I haven’t made a fritatta in forever. I have no idea why! I ate a wedge with a leftover sweet potato, and it was perfect.

This is a perfect example of delicious, low-sugar eating. The only sugar I had was the tiny bits in the sweetened dried cranberries and small amount of granola at breakfast, and the square of dark chocolate I had later in the evening. I don’t worry too much about sugar from fruit, but even that was average: One half of a banana, one small tangelo, one kiwi, less than one-quarter of a mango.

Tomorrow…high of 65 degrees. I will eat at LEAST one meal outside, by golly!