Links I Like

Happy Saturday! Here’s some link goodness to go along with my site redesign. To get updates on the week’s best nutrition and health news throughout the week, follow me on Twitter and Facebook!

  • Great story on NPR about “Sitting All Day Is Worse For You Than You Might Think.” This isn’t brand new news, as I’ve been reading about some of the emerging studies for at least six months, but NPR did a nice job with it.
  • You probably know that red wine can be good for the heart, right? Does that mean you should polish off half a bottle with dinner. Errr…no. Turns out that most Americans are a bit confused on this point. They are also confused on where most of the sodium/salt we eat comes from. Hint: It’s not from the salt shaker.
  • I was simultaneously amused and disgusted by the news that the sugar industry is suing the corn industry over the rebranding of high fructose corn syrup as “corn sugar.”
  • Again with the semantics. New research finds that while health-conscious people say that potato chips, sugary drinks and milkshakes aren’t very healthy, they believe that “veggie chips,” “vitamin water” and “smoothies” are quite healthy…even when there is very little difference in the ingredients of the two sets of foods!